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Affiliate Agreement

The NourishingCompany.com Affiliate Agreement for all products sold through Paypal is governed by the Paypal  agreement.

The NourishingCompany.com Affiliate Agreement is based on mutual consent.  Affiliates are screened by the Nourishing Company to make sure they are in keeping with the spirit and purpose of the products and services offered through The Nourishing Company.

The agreement may be reviewed at any time by either party, and is routinely reviewed by The Nourishing Company after three months.  It may be terminated by either party if any or all aspects are not working for either party for any reason.

It is understood that all Nourishing Company materials are copyright protected and may not be altered in any way without prior written consent, and may be distributed only with their original authorship and copyright notice intact.

It is expressly understood that any member in good standing of the NourishingCompany.com Affiliate Network may use and distribute Nourishing Company materials in their original form along with their original authorship, credits and copyright notice.

Further,  these members in good standing may add their own affiliate link for promotion and sales purposes and may add their own support messages that expand upon the original materials as long as said materials are not presented as if they were from the Nourishing Company and are not in violation of any copyright. 

Affiliates may not state, suggest or imply that any NourishingCompany.com product or material is a substitute for medical counseling.

Suggestions for developing further affiliate support materials are most welcome and may be submitted using the contact us link below: