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1.  Review the affiliate agreement here:

2. set up the bonus you'll offer for registering. Make sure it's unique to you.

2. Place a link to the NourishingCompany.com product on your website, along with instructions to send you proof of registration or payment for the product. Once you receive it, send the bonus to the registrant.

3. Send an email to affiliates@nourishingcompany.com identifying the registrant, the price they paid for the product and the Paypal address you want us to use to send your commission.  Your  50% commission will be sent to the Paypal address you provided as soon as the refund window for the product has expired.

 4. Use the free NourishingCompany.com "presell" content to promote sales. These include eBooks, Reports, Mini-Courses &Articles -  an  supply of meaty content designed to motivate sales.  These materials  assist your readers' decisions to make their health and well-being a higher prioritity, and to purchase the Nourishing Company products that support those choices.

5. Be sure you place your bonus instructions in the promotional content to make sure you can receive your 50% commission.

To get started, fill this out: 

  Note: Take a moment now to whitelist affiliates@nourishingcompany.com so you don't miss any messages.  If you don't receive a confirmation email from us shortly after registering, check your spam folder.