Emotional Development 101


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Emotional Development 101
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Adulthood - How Is This Life Passage Designed?
Ask any adult how the unfolding process of adult life is designed, and they wouldn't have a clue.  Yet this is the process every adult undergoes, and it dictates the fundamentals of every moment of every single day, day in and day out.  Here is a summary of that design. Introduces readers to the process and pattern of emotional development throughout life.

Your Health and Fitness Plan:  Include This Essential Ingredient
Places emotional needs and support at the center of a successful health and fitness plan.Why do health and fitness plans so often go awry or even get completely discarded?  This article reveals the central ingredient that makes all the difference between success and failure.

Reduce Stress and Improve Results
Points out that learning how to manage your emotional self reduces stress and greatly increases the likelihood that you will succeed at what you want to create.

Building a Better Emotional Life - These Six Ingredients are Ground Zero

We can't avoid some stresses and shocks - every life has them.  What we can do is minimize their occurence, and keep ourselves in the best possible condition to deal with them when they do occur.  Here are six things we can do to strengthen our 'emotional ground zero'...

The Two Most Important Relationship Messages
Reveals the two most common reasons relationships go sour and discloses the two emotional messages that can neutralize them.

Successful Relationships - Reminders from Infants about Feelings
Clarifies the role of emotional feeling states in successful relationships, based on how infants create these life-sustaining bonds.

Successful Relationships - Reminders from Infants about Expressing
Relationship sabotage often results from failing to take into account each other's emotional states. Infants can teach us five central lessons about this, revealed here.

Successful Relationships - Reminders from Infants about Trust
Relationship trust issues are often confusing for adults  but simple and procedural for infants. Returning to what infants know uncoves the basic trust-building process we still need to employ as adults to create successful relationships.

Successful Relationships - Reminders from Infants about Presence
The most fundamental  action for making any relationship work is to show up! Infants remind us of the incredible power of this one simple act.

Individuation, Assertiveness and Conflicts
Some people are just plain argumentative - it doesn't matter about what.  And that can get really old for someone in a relationship with them.  Can asserting individual differences and assertive behavior ever be healthy? This article reveals the specific healthy emotional development task that such behavior carries  out, and how it can benefit both individuals and relationships.

Boundaries - What Are Boundaries?  Why Are Boundaries Good for You?

What are boundaries, anyway, and why do we need to have personal boundaries?  Here are twelve facts about relationship boundaries that address these questions:

Anger Three Ways
Anger is part of the human experience, yet it is the one that can cause the most problems. Once inflamed, anger can be difficult to resolve.  One reason is that there are really three kinds of anger, each with its own way to work out.  All three are presented here, along with the strategies for coping with each.


Your Emotional Self - Five Secrets for a Successful Emotional Life
Introduces readers to the emotional development material.  Guides them to free themselves from any emotional treadmill,  take back control and plant themselves firmly on the track of a successful emotional life. Starting to adopt  these straightforward emotional life secrets, they immediately step on the path to greater emotional clarity and power.


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