Emotional Development 101


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(Note: Use these objectives if you want to apply to your institution of learning for credit)


Course Objectives


By the end of the class participants will be able to:


1.     Define the process of emotional development throughout the lifespan and describe at least two of the models of emotional development. 


2.     Name the first stage of emotional development and list two bodily systems that are activated in this stage. 


3.     Name the second stage of emotional development and list three developmental tasks that support healthy development in this stage. 


4.     Describe the difference between the pattern of relationships in the first two stages and the pattern in the third phase of emotional development. 


5.     Name the fourth phase of emotional development and describe two of the themes common to people growing through this phase. 


6.     Identify the fifth stage of development and name one primary focus of the emotional work that supports healthy development in this stage. 


7.     List two of the developmental tasks that require integration with each other in order to support healthy development in the sixth emotional development phase. 


8.     Identify two nourishing messages and two toxic messages specific to the seventh stage of emotional development. 


9.     Name three healthy ways to repeat a phase of emotional development. 


10.  List five components that any issue- related emotional development contains.