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How Are You Managing Your Cycle of Life?

Assess your Progress by Pamela Levin

Below are statements that express the tasks of each of the stages in the cycle of life. In the blank before each stage, rate how well or poorly you do with each of them by choosing a number between 1 (the lowest score) and 10 (the highest score).

Remember that this is not about being perfect or having to measure up, or failing to achieve or competing with others.

Your total score in each stage is merely an indicator of where you stand in terms of needing to carry out the growth tasks in that stage. Everyone needs to carry out these tasks, and everyone does better with them at some times than at others. Use this information to take care of yourself – to help you create smooth life passages in all your life seasons.

Stage One

I am able to:

_____Create the bonds with others that sustain me

_____Discern and decide for myself when to trust

and when not to trust

_____Know what I feel -- scared, sad, mad, glad.

_____Be aware of when I am tired or hungry and take care of myself


My score is ________out of a total possible score of 40.


Stage Two

_____I am able to:

_____Find ways to satisfy my curiosity in healthy ways

_____Provide for enough variety in my life to keep myself refreshed

_____Balance sufficient activity with times of adequate rest

_____Maintain my sustaining connections with others while exploring.

My score is ________out of a total possible score of 50


Stage Three

I am able to:

_____Know where I stop and someone else begins

_____Create and maintain healthy boundaries

_____Recognize others’ boundaries and respect them

whether or not I like or agree with them

_____Think about myself, my own life, my own problems

and think to find solutions

_____Be responsible for my commitments, including

my word with other people.

My score is ________out of a total possible score of 50.


Stage Four

I am able to:

_____Establish who I am in a group of others without overpowering

or alienating others or giving up myself

_____Explore my ability to affect others in positive ways

_____Update my sense of self and who I am rather than being rigid, fixated

_____Move from periods of uncertainty about myself and my role in the social world to become at peace with who I am

_____Accept and deal with the consequences of my own behavior

_____Allow others to accept and learn from the consequences

of their own behavior – or not learn, as they choose.

My score is ________out of a total possible score of 60.


Stage Five

I am able to:

_____Periodically update my skills

_____Review what I value as I grow older, and reset my priorities

_____Exhibit tolerance for others’ ways of doing things

_____Contribute to society in positive ways

_____Disagree with others without blaming or criticizing them

_____Recognize and respectfully decline invitations to be used.

My score is ________out of a total possible score of 60.


Stage Six

I am able to:

_____Adjust to my changing sexual maturity as I grow through

early, middle and older adulthood.

_____Accept increasing responsibility for the contents of my life and

make the changes I deem necessary to carry them out

_____Express my creativity in ways that are healthy for me and for society

_____Find ways to stand up to social injustice that do not harm me or others.

_____Recognize that the world does not owe me a living, and stand on my own two feet; support myself

_____Accept support from others and support others in mutually beneficial


_____Take responsibility for my own health and well-being and make the ………… life adjustments that will maintain them.

_____Acknowledge that my own reservoir of personal pain exists and take

effective steps to heal it.

My score is ________out of a total possible score of 80.

My overall score (adding all my scores together) is ________out of a total possible score of 340.


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Copyright © 2007 by Pamela Levin, All Rights Reserved.

Excerpted from The Cycle of Life: Creating Smooth Passages in Every Life Season